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Aspenia Launch

  • Meeting in hybrid format - Rome
  • 6 July 2022

    The future of Russia in the post-global world

    The war Russia has unleashed on Ukraine is having a global effect, especially in the energy sector and on the economy more generally, in what was already a considerably unstable global environment.  Despite the fragmentation or regionalization of some phenomena now underway, globalization continues to be a fundamental reality for today’s world, in terms both of trade interdependence and, even more critically, of financial connections – sectors where the West clearly remains predominant.

  • Meeting in digital format
  • 23 March 2022

    The Future of Currencies

    The international financial system is in the throes of deep change as a result of the war in Ukraine – and not only. Upheaval is destined to continue. The dollar, reserve currency par excellence, will gain strength, while the euro, despite its aspirations to become the second global reserve currency, still has a long road ahead of it; and the difficult international situation will only contribute to widening the divide between the two.