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      • 23 February 2023

        The public perception of Italy – US relations

        The survey, commissioned by Aspen Institute Italia and conducted by the Laboratory for Political and Social Analysis (LAPS) of the Department of Social, Political, and Cognitive Sciences (DISPOC) of the University of Siena, shows that Italian/American cohesion regarding the Ukraine conflict and its implications has withstood the test of war.

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      • 13 October 2022

        Global Report – In favor of Pure Science

        Global Report by the Aspen Institute Science & Society Program in Collaboration Among the 13 International Partners and 1 International Initiative of the Aspen Institute

        When a catastrophe like a pandemic occurs, most people, understandably, desire practical and immediate solutions. People seek a vaccine that could save lives and end the spiral of recession and poverty that is trapping all countries in the world—consequences that do not distinguish between wealthy and non-wealthy countries.

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      • 24 June 2022

        Background Document – The Way to Venice

        As the second edition of the international conference on Ethics and Artificial Intelligence approaches (June 24-25, 2022), we are pleased to attach a Background Document that provides an update on the main trends and evolutions in the field since the first edition, in September 2021. The analysis focuses on four macro themes: AI as a strategic geopolitical lever; data driven and digital enabled business models; the twin revolutions (ecological and digital); and AI regulation. This document is our way of welcoming you to the conference’s second edition. We hope it both captures the spirit of the meeting and offers meaningful insights for future study of the crucial issue of “ethics and AI”.

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      • 24 September 2021

        Report – The Way to Venice

        Over the last two centuries, our societies have experienced an industrial revolution every fifty years or so. Very recently, however, technological revolutions have become much more frequent. Today, in particular, it is estimated that a revolution in the field occurs as often as every 3-7 years. The latest – and the one still in progress – is that of artificial intelligence.

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      • 8 September 2021

        HEALTH SYSTEMS: STRENGTHENING PREPAREDNESS, Policy brief, Task Force 1 “Global Health and COVID-19”

        The COVID-19 pandemic has increased pressures on health systems across the world, exacerbating existing resource and capacity constraints. To guarantee health quality and efficiency for all, it is necessary for health systems to substantially increase their preparedness capabilities to be able to respond to crises while strengthening their core primary functions.