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        Aspen Institute Italia’s international programs adopt a strategic, long-term approach in addressing the most important issues on the global stage. The idea is to contribute to the European debate on the EU’s future and to the transatlantic debate on the future of the international system, in connection not only with such key countries as China, Russia and India but also with strategic geoeconomic areas such as the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

        Aspen Institute Italia Washington, DC, December 14-15, 2008, by Rodney Choice
        Venice, March 5-6, 2010 – Aspen European Dialogue Back to the fertile crescent: the Middle East, Europe and the US
        Christine Lagarde, Giulio Tremonti
        Milan, September 7, 2015 The Aspen Forum at Expo Food Security, Nutrition and Global Health.Conversation on human mind and innovation. Walter Issacson, Monica Maggioni, Cristina Alberini, Carlo Purassanta
        Washington DC, June 5, 2017 – International Conference: The US and Europe in the age of uncertainty. Marta Dassù, Armando Varricchio, Wilbur Ross, Giulio Tremonti, Jacek Rostowski, Timothy D. Adams, Stephen Moore
        NATO – Bruxelles, June, 20-22, 2018 – The Transatlantic Strategic Dialogue
        Venice, March 8-9, 2019 Assessing risk: business in global disorder, International dialogue.
        Fu Jun, Jacob Frenkel, Daniele Franco


        Current programs explore geopolitical balances and their impact on the economic world, on climate change, on global health and on international relations, focusing in particular on the transatlantic relationship and on relations with countries of strategic importance for Europe and for Italy.

        Pramit Pal Chaudhuri

        Richard Burt

        Meetings can be physical, hybrid or digital and are held on the Institute’s premises in Rome or at other international venues.

        Research, reports and background papers are prepared and handed out at each meeting, offering participants in-depth analysis of the issues addressed.

        Policy Brief, Task Force 8 “Multilateralism and Global Governance”, settembre 2021

        Charles Kupchan

        International and institutional partners

        The Institute engages in active cooperation with the network of Aspen Institutes worldwide to organize projects on strategic issues at the global level. Aspen Institute Italia also benefits from partnerships with other institutes, cooperating with them in the production of international programs. Its partners include Chatham House, the Real Instituto Elcano, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Tel Aviv University, Peking University, the Centre for European Reforms and EDAM (The Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies).

        Rome, February 21, 2020 – International Conference: The future of the European Economy. Marta Dassù, Valdis Dombrovskis, Giulio Tremonti.
        London, May 17-18, 2018 Assessing risk: business in global disorder. Robin Niblett, Marta Dassù
        London, May 17-18, 2018 Assessing risk: business in global disorder. Oksana Antonenko, Fan Gang, Daniel Rosen
        Rome, October 18-19, 2018 – Aspen Forum Italy/France. Pierre Moscovici, Giulio Tremonti
        Venice, March 3-4, 2017 Assessing risk: business in global disorder. Gianni Riotta, Philip Stephens, Anne Applebaum, Steven Erlanger
        Venice, March 6 – 7, 2015 – Assessing risk: business in global disorder. Yanis Varoufakis
        Washington DC, 8-9 febbraio 2015 – “How development can be sustainable”, International workshop


        Furthermore, the Institute cooperates on a regular and proactive basis with the Italian Foreign Ministry, with other Italian institutional players and with the European Union.

        Venice, March 8 -9, 2019 – “Assessing risk: business in global disorder”, International dialogue. Giulio Tremonti, Giovanni Tria, Steven Erlanger
        Rome, February 3, 2016 – Italy and UK: Addressing global challenges in a reformed EU. George Osborne, Pier Carlo Padoan
        Paolo Gentiloni
        Marion Guillou, Joy Phumaphi, Ilaria Capua, Peggy Clark
        Rome, November 30 – December 1, 2012 – “China, Europe, United States: the global adjustment,” Aspen China Trialogue. Vittorio Grilli, Joaquín Almunia
        Rome, April 18, 2012 – Dinner debate, “Emerging from the crisis: new rules and innovation”.
        David Thorne

        Communication and the media

        Events are held behind closed doors to ensure that participants enjoy the utmost freedom of expression and to render the debates as frank and open as possible. Meetings with the press are occasionally held to acquaint national and international media with the Institute’s analyses and proposals. Aspen Italia also grants exclusive coverage to national TV networks and press sources, as well.

        Istanbul, March 4 – 5, 2011 – News conference
        Giulio Tremonti, Ali Babacan
        Berlin, April 29-30, 2010 – News conference
        Giulio Tremonti, Wolfang Schaeuble