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Aspen Corporate Intiative

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        The Aspen Corporate Initiative Group, formed in 2019, is made up of External Relations, Institutional Relations and Communications Managers from the Sustaining Members of Aspen Institute Italia.

        The group’s members, who currently number 95, meet twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Their roundtables and conferences – held behind closed doors – are formative while also offering networking opportunities, in the presence of Italian and international guests. Sessions explore issues and analysis of key political and economic themes on both the Italian and international levels. Participants reflect on the increasingly strategic role of their own professions and consider issues that they are likely to have to address.

        Rome, June 12, 2019 – Aspen Corporate Iniziative, “Value and values of a new Corporate Social Responsibility”

        The end-of-year meeting also includes the illustration of some key themes in Aspen Italia’s program that figure prominently on the following year’s calendar. Participants are invited – precisely on the strength of the roles that they play – to voice ideas and to make proposals and suggestions on topics that might interest Aspen Italia’s Sustaining Members.

        The group’s members enjoy the following benefits:

        • They are entitled to play an active role at the two annual events organized for the group;
        • They are entitled to attend two other Aspen events each year, as observer;
        • They are invited to Aspenia presentations;
        • They have a subscription to Aspenia (quarterly in Italian);
        • They receive the Aspen Italia calendar of activities.
        Rome, October 30, 2019 – Aspen Corporate Iniziative Conference, “A new role for business: environmental and territorial challenges”