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Latin America

  • Rome
  • 5 February 2013

    The two Americas: prospects for economic recovery

      At this event to launch the latest edition of Aspenia, the focus of debate was the fact that diverging trends in the world’s major economies have been made more patent than ever before by the financial crisis that erupted in 2008, and which, particularly in Europe, has since transformed into a sovereign debt crisis. Chief among these divergences are the almost opposite trajectories of emerging markets compared to those of traditionally advanced economies, the divide between Europe and the United States, and glaring disparities within the European Union.

    • Rome
    • 19 October 2012

      The rising economic powerhouses: Latin America’s role in the global rebalancing

        One of the opening observations at this International Workshop was that the shape of transatlantic relations is gradually changing with the emergence of a new global order, and that an upshot of this process is the opportunity to create a “Southern Atlanticism”, which hinges on extending traditional North Atlantic ties to Latin America (and potentially to some areas of the African continent).

      • Madrid
      • 8 July 2010

        After the crisis: Europe and Latin America

          Given the current uncertainty over the global economy’s recovery, interest in the prospects of the South American continent, which seems finally able to express its true potential, has increased. All too often the expectations over the EU / Latin American accords have been set too high. Today, the increase in commercial and financial exchange are guided by a bottom-up logic; promising forms of interdependence are emerging in a pragmatic way and are producing concrete benefits.