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Aspen Transatlantic Dialogue

  • Roma
  • 23 February 2023

    Italy and the United States: a new Atlanticism

    Dall’indagine demoscopica commissionata da Aspen Institute Italia emerge un’opinione pubblica italiana complessivamente consapevole delle gravità di varie sfide internazionali alla sicurezza. Si denota un certo equilibrio tra il legame transatlantico e le partnership europee, ma anche molta prudenza nell’assumere gravosi impegni nazionali all’estero. Restano alcune tradizionali differenze di opinione e percezione tra Italia e Stati Uniti, soprattutto rispetto all’uso della forza militare e ai futuri rapporti con la Russia.

  • Meeting in digital format
  • 7 April 2021

    The economics of climate change: a joint agenda between US and Europe

      Policies for waging the battle against climate change and for and managing the phenomenon are central to both the post-pandemic economic recovery and to transatlantic relations at this new stage of opportunity for Euro-American cooperation. The slogan adopted by Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral campaign – “Build Back Better” – can be considered overall a highly appropriate approach to the international circumstances that distinguish 2021.

    • Meeting in digital format
    • 25 November 2020

      The new US administration and transatlantic relations: a renewed NATO?

        The arrival of a new administration in Washington offers an opportunity to reconsider the broad spectrum of commitments and instruments that NATO uses to pursue its objectives. The Alliance has shown a great capacity for adaptation, but the many challenges of the coming years are going to call for new joint efforts.

      • Meeting in digital format
      • 8 October 2020

        The future of Nato

          The global security context needs to be interpreted and somehow modelled in order to better evaluate NATO’s trajectory and prospects: the international system seems to be caracterized by a form of “aggressive multipolarity”, as well as by a rather disorderly power competition across the spectrum. The US-China question has inevitably taken center stage, although the evolution of this bilateral relationship is far from clear at this stage.

        • Washington,DC
        • 8 July 2019

          Italy, the US and Europe: facing inevitable change in a smart way

            In a global framework filled with uncertainty and marked by several true systemic changes, the still structurally sound transatlantic relationship is undeniably feeling the effect of rising tensions. Both the United States and Europe are subject to strong socio-political forces that are challenging faith in institutions and even the Western model itself – even though clear alternatives have thus far been lacking, and traditional European parties managed to hold out against the anti-establishment and euro-skeptic movements in the recent parliamentary elections.

          • Washington DC
          • 5 June 2017

            The US and Europe in the age of uncertainty

              On the occasion of the first conference organized in Washington, DC, by Aspen Institute Italia since the election of President Trump, we discussed the future of the Transatlantic relationship and its current challenges: these are tough times but strong Euro-American ties remain indispensable to European security. The various dimensions of the Transatlantic relationshsip have also been the object of the closed door hoc meetings held on June 6 (“For a new Transatlantic compact: values, interests, p

            • Venice
            • 23 October 2015

              A Western Digital Renaissance: drivers and boundaries

                The starting premise of discussions at this International Conference was that there can be no doubt over the internet’s role today, and in the future, as the major driver of growth – just as the automobile was in the past, with its allied infrastructure and linked industries, and with the creation of new social realities, changed habits, and altered lifestyles. It was noted, however, that the digital revolution goes a step further, as the size of this new “engine” is, in fact, ontologically driven.

              • New York
              • 10 February 2015

                Italy: we are open for business

                  Firm grounds for optimism clouded by fears of old: this was the sentiment most repeated throughout the debate at the third “Italy meets the United States of America” Summit in New York, with this year’s edition entitled “Italy: we are open for business”. The event, organized by the Italian Business & Investment Initiative, Aspen Institute Italia, and the Council for Relations between Italy and the United States, was aimed at illustrating to US investors the opportunities offered by Italy for incoming and outgoing investment.

                • Turin
                • 14 November 2014

                  The next industrial revolution. Manufacturing and society in the XXI century

                    Serving as the opening premise for proceedings at this session of the Aspen Transatlantic Dialogue was the observation that productivity, not employment, will be the engine of the next industrial revolution, and that, despite the difficulties stemming from the prolonged crisis, the anti-decline camp has ample justification for envisioning a future in which manufacturing and industry will continue to play a central role. It was stressed, however, that they can only play such a role by undergoing transformation.

                  • New York
                  • 28 February 2014

                    The economic future of Europe and the US, the TTIP implications and investment opportunities in Italy

                      Organized in collaboration with the Italian Business & Investment Initiative, this international workshop highlighted a renewed openness towards investing in Italy precisely because it possesses – albeit frequently not well-known – assets of interest to investors. It was stressed, however, that implementing (not merely announcing or adopting) reforms, and providing certainty, consistency and a business-friendly environment, remain the real challenges to overcome, as there is fierce competition between nations to attract foreign investment.

                    • Venice
                    • 4 October 2013

                      Pivot to Europe: options for a new Atlantic century

                        At this latest edition of the Aspen Transatlantic Dialogue, the participants pointed to recent developments in the United States – with the at-least partial “shutdown” of federal government operations – as highlighting the multiple dysfunction of political systems on both sides of the Atlantic. It was noted that, in the midst of an economic recovery that is uncertain, in some respects fragile, and unquestionably asymmetric (both as between different sectors and between different countries), the efficiency of government decision-making becomes crucial.