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Union and disunion: Europe in 2015

    • Venice
    • 15 April 2005

          The 14th edition of the Institute’s Aspen European Dialogue focussed on possible scenarios for Europe in the coming decade: the choice between “superpower” and “super-space”, demographic problems and immigration issues, the “budget wars”, and the consequences of a French “no” to the European Constitution. Participants also considered the implications of the Stability Pact reform. With regards to EU enlargement, Turkey’s special situation was discussed at length: there is great difference of opinion over this country’s entry into the Union, and over the costs involved – economic and otherwise – even though it is not due for some time. The results of International Commission for the Balkans report were presented and, finally, Russia’s ongoing delicate and complex transition was analyzed: the reasons behind and the consequences of Putin’s authoritarian turn, the geopolitical role of energy supplies, the return of the Statist economy, relations with the EU, its role in the Middle East, its management – especially post-Georgia and Ukraine – of complex relations with former Soviet neighbors, and the evolution of its relations with the U.S.

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