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Post-Kyoto: what energy mix for Italy?

    • Rome
    • 19 January 2005

          The Kyoto Protocol, in force since February 16, 2005, creates the need for Italy to review the methods and costs of securing energy supplies. Speaking at the launch of issue no. 27 of Aspenia, authoritative figures from the Italian political and economic spheres refocused attention on a series of proposals aimed at bringing stability to the situation regarding available energy resources and avoiding the difficulties and problems encountered in recent months. The discussion also touched on strategic and highly topical issues relating to climate change and the unwelcome and dangerous effects that it generates, without however ignoring that any strategy cannot fail to take account of the international context and the decisions taken by established industrial powers such as Europe and the United States, and emerging powers such as China, which like America is not minded to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

          Strillo: Post-Kyoto: what energy mix for Italy?
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