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      • Rome
      • 11 March 2005

        China’s challenge to Europe and the U.S.

          This meeting, organized as an informal discussion among a small number of European and American experts, focussed in particular on the problem of the EU embargo on arms sales to China, in the broader context of economic and security challenges currently presented by the rapidly growing economic and demographic giant. Of the various issues that emerged, two regarding domestic policy stand out: political reforms and human rights, crucial criteria in evaluating Beijing’s progress since Tienanmen in 1989 – which gave birth to the embargo in the first place.

        • Milan
        • 7 March 2005

          The new communications system: a challenge for the media

            New tools, new forms of access, availability of content, large variety of sources, increased Internet use: news has changed dramatically, and the challenges for the media are many. This roundtable, held at the Corriere della Sera offices in Milan, invited discussion on Italy’s particular situation with relation to the global communications market. Media training, revolutions ongoing on an industrial level, doubts on a regulatory level (especially as concerns intellectual property, as norms guarding copyright are mostly obsolete) were all on the table.

          • Milan
          • 28 February 2005

            Financing innovation: new proposals and instruments

              This conference identified a series of risks and opportunities for financing innovation. Policies are difficult to draw up, just as innovation is different to pin down. The first obstacle is uncertainty: naturally, it is impossible to foresee the results of research and plan the market’s reaction to a new product or service. As the outcome of an innovative venture is unknown, so is the conviction of the person innovating and the person sponsoring that innovation unbalanced.

            • Milan
            • 14 February 2005

              The search for our soul: mistery and passion

                This meeting, held in the beautiful Ambrosiana library, offered the occasion to reflect on a very different topic than usual, at Aspen Italia events: the soul, as seen in different cultures, and as it inspires everyone – whether he or she believes in God or not – to consider the most profound issues for humanity. Participants quickly, but without succumbing to superficiality, reviewed the notion of “soul” as it has been appreciated over the centuries and in different cultures.

              • Rome
              • 8 February 2005

                Rethinking globalization: Italy’s role in EU-India relations

                  This workshop, held in Aspen’s Rome offices on the eve of Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi’s trip to India, involved authoritative members of India’s English-speaking press. Participants considered conditions necessary for better economic and political relations between the EU and India. Special attention was dedicated to Italy’s role in reinforcing bilateral relations and in increasing trade and direct investment to a country that experts agree will soon represent a serious competitor on international markets.

                • Rome
                • 19 January 2005

                  Post-Kyoto: what energy mix for Italy?

                    The Kyoto Protocol, in force since February 16, 2005, creates the need for Italy to review the methods and costs of securing energy supplies. Speaking at the launch of issue no. 27 of Aspenia, authoritative figures from the Italian political and economic spheres refocused attention on a series of proposals aimed at bringing stability to the situation regarding available energy resources and avoiding the difficulties and problems encountered in recent months.

                  • Rome
                  • 12 January 2005

                    The quality of leadership

                      Participants at this meeting discussed a series of papers on specific issues (from competitiveness to energy) aimed at identifying Italy’s priorities. Groups of Aspen Junior Fellows worked together to draft these papers, which were then evaluated in the context of a broad discussion on the current characteristics and demands of Italy’s leaders. The meeting also served to launch a project – now ongoing – to survey and analyze leadership in Italy.