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      • Rome
      • 19 October 2023

        Testing the West in 2024. Politics, security and economics in EU-US relations

        2024 is going to be a crucial electoral year for Europe and the United States as they each face not only internal political issues but also the pressure of growing international tensions. The outcome of the elections will be the first major indication of whether the two shores of the Atlantic will continue to act in tandem, with no center or guide, in a manner marked by what has been defined “the age of the polycrisis”, or if existing divergences will widen further.

      • Venice
      • 7 October 2023

        Silver Society 2.0

        Progress in the field of medicine and improvements in the quality of life are making for longer life-expectancies; according to UN estimates, by the end of 2050, over-65ers will have surpassed under-25ers in number. This concerns Europe in particular and especially Italy, but also involves other countries such as China, which at the start of 2023 saw its birthrate drop for the first time since the 1960s and where the median age by 2050 will be 51 (higher than Italy’s is now). 

      • Venice
      • 7 October 2023

        The future of capitalism

        Democracy is beginning to falter – not least, and above all because, it is so inefficient. A democracy that cannot decide cannot satisfy one of its own basic prerequisites. Western political systems have been in crisis for years, and are now having to face competition from autocracies.

      • Venice
      • 7 October 2023

        The future of energy

        The Italian energy system managed to weather the perfect storm of 2022 generated by the spike in gas prices following the Ukraine war and the simultaneous reduction in hydroelectricity production caused by drought. That was made possible by replacing Russian gas with supplies from other sources.

      • Venice
      • 7 October 2023

        Focus on Industry: notes on Industry 5.0

        The seminar focused on three dimensions where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen as having a significant impact on industry. The first of these was regulation. An element that emerged very clearly was the impossibility of treating the matter exclusively at local level and the concomitant need for a broad-based international level regulatory framework.

      • Washington
      • 10 July 2023

        The future of the West in a fragmented world

        Contemplation of the future of the West becomes especially vital for a fragmented world in the throes of rising geopolitical tension. The situation’s foremost victim is globalization, which for thirty-odd years seemed to have arrested history but whose dynamics have come forcefully back to center stage.