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Influence, Relevance and Growth Conference

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  • 8 May 2024

        Europe is approaching continent-wide elections within a complex scenario, rich in economic and geopolitical challenges. These weigh heavily on companies in need of reinforcement in various pivotal sectors due to growing pressure from competitors, not least those across the Atlantic.

        Mapping out a path to European development calls for dialogue involving the various public and private actors most concerned with crucial themes such as capital markets, infrastructure, spheres of competition and innovative sectors. Artificial Intelligence is a particularly critical topic.

        Such an encounter was the central focus of the first Italian edition of the “Influence, Relevance and Growth Conference” organized by SDA Bocconi in collaboration with Newest, Aspen Institute and Aspen Institute Italia and the CNBC/Class CNBC media partnership.

        The following video is of Aspen Institute Italia Chairman Giulio Tremonti’s welcome remarks.