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Annual Conference for the Friends of Aspen

  • Meeting in digital format
  • 27 July 2020

    Dealing with complexity today: how to launch the recovery

      The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed has dealt a hard blow to Italian enterprise. According to Bank of Italy estimates, the 2020 GDP contraction will be somewhere between 9 and 13%.

    • Milan
    • 17 June 2019

      Climate change, soil, food: from crisis to growth

        Contemporary society is paradoxical: the number of global deaths for lack of food is equal to those linked with illnesses due to over-eating. This immoral division of food resources is all the more problematic if you consider that the food production chain (from farm to consumer table) accounts for nearly 40% of harmful gas emissions.

      • Milan
      • 26 October 2018

        Climate Change = Economic Change

          The problem of global warming can no longer be deferred if its catastrophic planet-wide consequences are to be avoided. That was the message of a special report issued in October by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the most authoritative scientific body dedicated to the study of climate change. According to the report, at the current rate, by 2030 the global temperature increase will surpass 1.5°C, which is considered the upper safety limit for containing and managing the fall-out, albeit at the cost of massive investments in financial, material and human resources.

        • Milan
        • 8 June 2017

          Migration: Challenges and Opportunities

            A key premise of discussions at this annual conference for the Friends of Aspen group was that the phenomenon of migration, which has emerged in recent years as a major factor of change, not only presents obvious difficulties but also opens up Italian society and the national economy to an injection of new vigor. This is – it was suggested – has been demonstrated by the high level of dynamism of the many firms established, including through years of crisis, by foreign nationals.

          • Milan
          • 12 June 2016

            How technological innovation can spur a new humanism

              The attendees of the 21st Annual Conference for the Friends of Aspen pointed to development at an exponential pace, near-total ubiquity, and an increasing integration of man and machine as the defining features of the unfolding technological revolution – a new paradigm that would seem to be redrawing the very boundaries of epistemology.

            • Milan
            • 14 June 2015

              A positive economy: shaping the future

                Discussions at this year’s Annual Conference for the Friends of Aspen centered on the long-term economic priority of sustainable development for future generations, viewed as an important strategic objective at the macro level for individual national economies, and at the micro level for companies and other market players. It was noted that various competing economic models aimed at achieving this goal are emerging, including the sharing economy, the civil economy, and the positive economy.

              • Milan
              • 15 June 2014

                The new entrepreneur: international, open to risk, good at communications

                  Running through the debate at this year’s Annual Conference for the Friends of Aspen was an awareness that,in an increasingly competitive and complex market, entrepreneurs need to be able to develop a mindset and skill-set that is open to risk and capable of steering and governing the processes of globalization whilst preserving their firms’ identity. It was acknowledged that there is a shift underway towards a new business paradigm that calls for a novel form of leadership based on trust, knowledge sharing, and fresh approaches to facilitating the flow of intelligence and charisma.

                • Rome
                • 28 November 2012

                  Growth is possible: doing business in Italy and abroad

                    For its seventeenth iteration, the Friends of Aspen Annual Conference was held for the first time at the Palazzo Lancellotti in Rome. As well as offering the now customary opportunity to take stock of the group’s activities over the past year, the event also featured an exploration by the participants of the competitive conditions facing Italian businesses today, as well as the global trends unfolding, in both domestic and overseas markets. It was observed that the last fifteen years have marked a milestone in the multinational expansion of Italian industry.

                  • Bergamo
                  • 13 June 2010

                    White noise: quality of life in the age of information overload

                      The Friends of Aspen group met in Bergamo at the G. Donizetti Theater for the 15th edition of their annual conference. Besides taking stock of the association’s recent year since Beatrice Trussardi’s nomination as president, the meeting also served to address the issue of how to reconcile a better quality of life with the need to manage the information and communication overload inherent in today’s society.

                    • Milan
                    • 22 November 2009

                      For a new creative leadership: culture and innovation for economic growth

                        The 14th Annual Conference of the Friends of Aspen, held at the Palazzo Litta in Milan, featured a debate on the ways in which a combination of culture and innovation could give rise to new forms of leadership capable of revitalizing Italian economic life – particularly its entrepreneurial scene.

                        As is now customary, the Conference – chaired for the first time by the group’s new president, Beatrice Trussardi – also provided an opportunity to introduce new members to the group and to present the group’s activities to them.

                      • Rome
                      • 21 October 2008

                        Annual Conference for the Friends of Aspen: Market, regulation, competition and SMEs

                          The 13th annual conference of the Friends of Aspen opened with a tribute to the recently deceased President of the Friends of Aspen, Mr Ennio Presutti. For the first time, the conference was held in Rome. Within the context of small and medium enterprise, the debate centered on the issue of how to foster and maintain competitiveness in a heightened geopolitical and geoeconomic context, whilst taking into account Italian national and European-level regulatory aspects.

                        • Parma
                        • 26 November 2007

                          Is the individual the key to development?

                            On the stage of the Regio Theater in Parma, the Friends of Aspen met for their twelfth annual conference. Debate focused on the role of the individual in the world’s advanced capitalist societies: how the rules of global competition have changed, how the current economic value system affects immaterial goods and creativity, whether the “person” remains key in economic development, innovation and competition. Participants stressed the need to define new roles and clear and transparent principles with which to manage the individual’s role today, with an accent on freedom and responsibility.

                          • Milan
                          • 27 November 2006

                            Meritocracy and competitiveness: can they go hand in hand?

                              Discussion opened with an analysis of how tomorrow’s leaders might approach the issue of meritocracy, especially as regards politics, and closed with an analysis of how to apply that meritocracy to the formation of human resources – from school to on-the-job training. The underlying issue is whether the demand for meritocracy is purely utopian in Italy’s economic and social context.

                            • Milan
                            • 28 November 2005

                              Giving business a soul: values, rules and culture

                                Ten years after the first conference, the annual event of the Friends of Aspen has once again drawn the attention to the business world: to the people and values involved, to project creativity and to the ability to work in a global context. Identifying the soul of business, in particular those principles which strengthen the link between enterprises, citizens and society, allows one to focus on the rules and values essential to the country’s development. Particular attention was dedicated to the value of the people who work for a business, from managerial to lower levels.