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        Apart from its prestigious journal Aspenia, the Institute produces a series of other publications. Its annual volume “Events” includes summaries of the year’s conferences, roundtables and seminars. These summaries are available to Board Members, Friends of Aspen and Aspen Junior Fellows in the Members’ Section, and to the general public on CD.

        The “Aspen Projects” series has produced several volumes on specific strategic issues and, occasionally, the Institute has published ad hoc volumes for events of particular interest. All of these are available upon request:

        All of these publications, as well as the principal Italian and international newspapers, weeklies and periodicals are kept in the Institute’s library, which holds more than 1000 volumes. This collection is not open to the public, but board members, Friends of Aspen and Junior Fellows are all free to consult it. To view the catalogue or for further information, please contact Simonetta Savona, in Aspen’s Rome office.

        Aspen Institute Italia also invites readers to consult the sites of its international partners and to request texts and documents directly from them. The Aspen Institute in the US has a particularly rich selection.