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Programs: “Banks and Finance”

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      • Trento
      • 25 May 2024

        2024, The American puzzle

        Donald Trump and Joe Biden are once again the leading contenders for the White House. The question is obvious: how is it that the American democratic system has not been able to bring change to the electoral face-off for the year 2024, even in generational terms?

        8 May 2024

        Influence, Relevance and Growth Conference

        Europe is approaching continent-wide elections within a complex scenario, rich in economic and geopolitical challenges. These weigh heavily on companies in need of reinforcement in various pivotal sectors due to growing pressure from competitors, not least those across the Atlantic.

      • Rome
      • 14 November 2023

        Growth in Europe: the role of banks

        Given the uncertainty of the scenario, banks are being reaffirmed as drivers of growth, although they cannot replace national and international institutions. Finance must serve as a support for businesses and families, notwithstanding the limitations of the European banking system, especially compared with the Chinese and American giants.

      • Venice
      • 7 October 2023

        The future of capitalism

        Democracy is beginning to falter – not least, and above all because, it is so inefficient. A democracy that cannot decide cannot satisfy one of its own basic prerequisites. Western political systems have been in crisis for years, and are now having to face competition from autocracies.

      • Washington
      • 10 July 2023

        The future of the West in a fragmented world

        Contemplation of the future of the West becomes especially vital for a fragmented world in the throes of rising geopolitical tension. The situation’s foremost victim is globalization, which for thirty-odd years seemed to have arrested history but whose dynamics have come forcefully back to center stage.

      • International digital conference
      • 4 May 2023

        Rethinking EU competitiveness in the changing geopolitical world

        The discussion underway on European economic governance reform is part of a substantially uncertain and volatile macro-financial picture. The principal risks include stagflation, financial fragmentation, competitiveness problems (in light of the American Inflation Reduction Act) and the twin (digital and sustainable) transitions.