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Aspen University Fellows

  • Hybrid Format - Rome
  • 12 December 2022

    New approaches to education and training in a changing world

    Educational curricula are traditionally designed to train young people for the world of work. In that sense, education plays a fundamental role in determining new generations’ possibilities for future success. Thus, it is particularly important in this changing world that educational systems keep pace with the transformations taking place in the society, technology and careers. Given the rapidity of those transformations, it the educational experience can no longer be considered as having ended once one has joined the workforce – hence the need for lifelong learning. As much as it should not be surprising that many investment funds have recently identified training as a high profitability sector, it’s excessive financing must nevertheless be avoided in order to maintain stability and quality over time.

  • Meeting in digital format
  • 9 February 2022

    New businesses, skills, generations

    Due not least to the disruption brought on by the pandemic, the early part of this decade has been marked by two macro-trends: the pervasiveness of technology and a rising number of new businesses.
    The second of these is being sustained by an unprecedented influx of risk capital that helps to attract the sort of talent capable of best combining key skill sets and exceptional motivation.