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Bordering a new Middle East

  • December 2015
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        Pubblicazione: dicembre 2015
        A cura di: Roberto Menotti e Jessica Carter
        Collana: Aspen Italia Views
        Borders are a fundamental yet tricky issue in international politics. Despite their seemingly static nature, shifting frontiers are at the heart of many historical changes, not just through war. The Middle East and North Africa are experiencing important transitions, some of which are traumatic. In the Middle East there is a “great imbalance”: power relationships are contested and far from clear and alliances, as well as the resilience of state institutions, are tested. Such a strategic outlook is especially conducive to violent conflict. One of the transitions currently underway has to do with state borders and their practical meaning. The chapters of the book cover (individually on in conjunction with other countries) Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies, Syria, Turkey

        Editore: Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana fondata da Giovanni Treccani

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