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Aspen Forum Italy-France

  • Meeting in digital format
  • 10 December 2021

    Aspen Italy/France Forum

      Italy and France have solid relations built on a common history of strong economic and cultural ties. An important addition to those relations is the Quirinale Treaty signed in Rome on November 26. This strengthening of bilateral cooperation is crucial, in the first place, to the future of European economic governance. In the coming months, fiscal policy rules will be written into a revised Stability and Growth Pact within the framework of the French EU presidency. New rules on State Aid will also be outlined along with a framework of reforms needed to make the continent more competitive.

    • Meeting in digital format
    • 26 November 2020

      Aspen Forum Italy/France

        What were already solid Italian-French relations have become even stronger as the two nations have confronted the challenges posed by the pandemic, the first and most restrictive of these having had to do with the second wave. The continuous coordination France and Italy have set in motion is emblematic of the unified European reaction that followed an initial lack of cooperation during the first phase of the emergency. Today’s joint European efforts on a vaccine is proof that the Union can play a decisive role in this crisis, with benefits across its entire membership.

      • Rome
      • 18 October 2018

        Aspen Forum Italy – France

          Kicking off proceedings at this International Conference was an acknowledgement that while France and Italy naturally have national priorities that sometimes diverge, they also have shared responsibilities and interests both at the European and the transatlantic level, ranging from making necessary strides on key aspects of eurozone reform to enhancing industrial cooperation, including on matters regarding defense and security. In examining the relationship of the two countries, it was felt that the impact of prevailing global conditions must also be taken fully into account.