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Europe’s big deal

    • Meeting in digital format
    • 23 July 2020

          Aspen Institute Italia hosted a conversation on the results of the 17-21 July European Council between Minister Amendola and Giulio Tremonti, during which they discussed topics of major interest in the casual “off the record” style typical of the encounters organized by the Institute.  

          The two agreed that, with the decisions made on this occasion, Europe had finally taken its place on “the right side of history” in terms of capacity for collective action, resulting in a significant change in Germany’s approach spurred by the French but not without the constructive contribution of pressure from Italy.

          Minister Amendola provided a recap of the dynamics of the negotiations, in which he participated personally, emphasizing that Italy’s ability to use the newly earmarked funds in an appropriate and effective manner was going to be decisive.

          Both speakers indicated that the reduction of some important items in the EU’s multi-year budget (2021-27) in contrasts with expectations would require additional negotiation and that some revisions were almost certain.