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China’s rise and Europe: dealing with mutual challenges

    • Rome
    • 5 November 2007

          The discussion highlighted the speed at which China’s role as a world power is evolving: its influence is growing visibly, although in the presence of undeniable macroeconomic imbalances (internal and external) that are of serious concern for the future.\r\nFrom a strictly economic point of view, a change of perspective is underway, from the prominence of export to investment and partnership – a development fostered by the sizeable liquid assets available to Chinese operators. More generally, China’s government is gradually developing a strategic vision of its national interests in the global context, combining diplomatic and security objectives with economic goals. This shift has not yet been adequately perceived by the West – by Italy in particular – but will be decisive: Beijing is already making a clear attempt – backed by other emerging powers – to discuss some of the international rules, especially in the areas of trade and finance.

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