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Aspen Junior Fellows Programs

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        The Aspen Junior Fellows‘ conferences and meetings focus on the fundamental values and strategic themes of today’s society, but from the point of view of younger generations.  By meeting with top leaders and experts at these events, Aspen Junior Fellows gain valuable experience and knowledge that will serve them in their own development as tomorrow’s leaders.

        Debates focus on different specific topics on every occasion, but tend to pay special attention to such overriding issues as:

        • ethics, values and social responsibility from the global point of view of future leaders;
        • the importance of competence and skill, and of recognizing merit where due;
        • innovation and talent as a tool for competition;
        • the balance between solidarity and competition in the market economy;
        • comparing and managing different cultures in global business;
        • the role of the State, efficiency in administrative action, public-private collaboration, subsidiarity.
        • Annual Conference for the Aspen Junior Fellows, Rome, May 8-9, 2009
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