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The Aspen Institute Central Europe

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        The Aspen Institute
        Central Europe o.p.s.
        Palackého 740/1
        11000 Prague 1
        Czech Republic
        tel: +420 222 524 747

        The Aspen Institute Central Europe was established in June 2012 as a regional platform for policy innovation and non-partisan dialogue with an operational focus in Central Europe. The activities of Aspen Prague are divided into leadership, policy, and public programs, with annual conferences, seminars, panel discussions and publications targeting diverse audiences. In addition, Aspen Institute Central Europe publishes a journal on international affairs, the Aspen Review. Aspen Institute Central Europe’s aim is to contribute to the economic, social and cultural growth of the region in line with the Aspen Institute ethos of values-based leadership. Furthermore, Aspen Institute Central Europe intends to assist in the broader participation of Central Europe in the global community and to provide a more informed background for shaping policies that affect everyone.

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