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The Aspen Institute Kyiv

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        The Aspen Institute Kyiv is an independent, non-ideological international institute, whose intention is to foster dialogue and exchanges among Ukraine’s economic, political, social and intellectual leaders. Part of the Aspen network, the institute was established by a group of prominent individuals from intellectual, political and economic spheres whose purpose was to encourage leadership founded on shared values and forward-thinking government policy-making.

        The Aspen Institute Kyiv is active through a series of major undertakings: Policy Programs, the Leadership Program, the Socrates Program and the Young Leaders Program. The involvement of young leaders is one of the fundamental features of the institute’s mission. Indeed, the Young Leaders Program is Aspen Kiev’s central priority, whose goal is to develop the potential of young people between the ages of 25 and 35 who have achieved significant professional goals.

        The Socrates Program fosters encounter among top representatives from sectors vital to the nation’s advancement, applying a Socratic method aimed at encouraging broader understanding and exchanges of ideas. Through its Policy Programs, Aspen Institute Kyiv aims to reinforce Ukrainian leaders’ decision-making capacities and awareness with a view to offering the best methods and instruments for the country’s sustainable development.

        One of The Aspen Institute Kyiv’s liveliest activities is the Aspen Seminar on Value Based Leadership. Distinguished personalities meeting for open and frank discussions (each of which moderated by two experts) of the writings of classical and contemporary authors – Aristotle, Hobbes, Rousseau, Tolstoy, Havel – whose timeless wisdom offers an incomparable means for expanding the debate and reflection on the origins of human civilization.

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