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        It is in times of emergency that the future must be planned. With this aspiration, the Aspen Institute Italia community provided numerous proposals for relaunching Italy’s economy after the pandemic crisis. This document is an overview of this commitment, fed by the spirit of pluralism and of frank and constructive service to the community for national cohesion – elements that have characterized the initiative of Aspen Institute Italia over nearly forty years of analyses and debates. Produced by a Group of Experts, led by Professor Alberto Quadrio Curzio, the document arranges hundreds of proposals, assessing their feasibility and breaking them down into five chapters: Enterprise, Investment, Infrastructure, Innovation, and Institutions. The objective of the Aspen Collective Mind program and of the proposals presented here is to inspire decisions and actions for an innovative and sustainable growth. The goal is not only to overcome our current crisis but to ensure long-term development. The document does not aim to represent a scientific/academic elaboration, but provides a series of diverse ideas, whose quality and authoritativeness derive from the Institute’s members’ hands-on experience. The proposals contained in this document express the value of the experiences of an interdisciplinary community made up of entrepreneurs, executives, academics and, more generally, “leaders” in the economic, financial, political, social, scientific and cultural world. The significant intergenerational contribution to this commitment by Aspen Institute Italia is also key. Numerous proposals have come from the Institute’s younger members – Aspen Junior Fellows, Aspen Junior Fellows Alumni, and Aspen University Fellows – enriching the framework of prospects for Italy’s future. Indeed, it will be up to the younger generations to spearhead and interpret the ideas contained here. This document serves as a starting point, not an end; it remains a work in progress. A resource for decision-makers in Italy, it enhances the Aspen Institute Italia community’s program of enrichment.

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