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Ananta Aspen Centre

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        1st Floor, Thapar House
        124, Janpath
        New Delhi 110001
        tel: +91-11-40733333
        fax: +91-11-40733350

        Ananta Aspen Centre was founded in 2004 by The Aspen Institute (USA) in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industries.

        The Institute’s mission is to encourage the political, entrepreneurial and cultural internationalization of India.  Through seminars and conferences, it also aims to promote dialogue and awareness on the decision-making process among Indian leaders.

        Ananta Aspen Centre has recently launched the India Leadership Initiative (ILI), a project in collaboration with The Aspen Institute and The Global Market Institute of Goldman Sachs.  The initiative aims to create young leaders in politics, business and civil society who are inspired by a sound value system and able to confront the most pressing challenges in their country and in the world. The ILI is a part of the Global Leadership Network, which carries out important activities in 13 countries in Africa, Central America and the United States.

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