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AJF Requirements

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        To join the Aspen Junior Fellows (AJF), one must be nominated by an Aspen Institute Italia Board Member and then undergo a selection process. Candidates must meet the following basic requirements for membership:

        • be between 25 and 33 years of age;
        • have a college degree and speak English and Italian.
        • have met important goals in his/her area of expertise and relative to his/her age;

        Particular importance is attributed to a candidate’s international experience.

        Aspen Junior Fellows must share the Institute’s mission and, especially, support the development and integration of a qualified, committed, responsible European leadership.

        AJF members can belong for no more than five years and must leave once they turn 35.

        If, in a two-year time period, an Aspen Junior Fellow does not participate in any Aspen event, he or she must leave the group. Membership is also rescinded if an AJF assumes the helm of a business enterprise (other than a cultural association or a non-profit institute), in which case he or she can apply to join the Friends of Aspen.