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Washington, D.C. (Chuck Kennedy/MCT)

Washington, D.C.

He may have been bruised by the Democrats’ defeat in the 2014 midterm elections, and may face a Congress that is now fully under Republican control, but US... Read more from Aspenia online >>

Williston, North Dakota (Jim Gehrz/Zuma Press)

Williston, North Dakota

After beginning a long and steep descent last summer, the price of crude recently dipped below $50 a barrel, the lowest level in almost six years. What’s more... Read more from Aspenia online >>

Paris, France (Gérard Labriet)

Paris, France

After the Arab Spring, there was genuine hope of democracy and freedom, but also fear that the experiment could fail to intolerance and terrorism. The chaos that... Read more from Aspenia online >>

Armando Massarenti, Giuliano Amato and Franco Gallo

Rome, November 26, 2014

In 1764, the now famous treatise “On Crimes and Punishments” was published anonymously, meeting with a success that today would be described as global, creating quite a stir in Italy, and exerting an influence both... Read more >>

Giulio Tremonti, Ferdinando Beccalli-Falco, Marta Dassù and Michele Valensise

Aspen Transatlantic Dialogue - Turin, November 14-15, 2014

Serving as the opening premise for proceedings at this session of the Aspen Transatlantic Dialogue was the observation that productivity, not employment, will be... Read more >>