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Frédéric Cirou/ AGF

Six years ago, a team of researchers at Columbia University led by Antonio Iavarone and Anna Lasorella announced the discovery of a fusion between two genes, FGFR3 and TACC3, which is responsible for 3% of glioblastoma cases, the most aggressive and lethal of brain tumors...Click here to read Antonio Iavarone’s interview>>

Lewis M. Eisenberg

Rome, February 7, 2018

Lewis M. Eisenberg, US Ambassador to Italy, was the guest of honor at a gala dinner organized by the Institute as part of the Aspenia Talks series. Participants included high-level figures from the worlds of politics, the economy, and academia, drawn from the Aspen community. A summary of Amb. Eisenberg’s comments is available here... Read more >>


Drivers of the women-only taxi service in Cairo

Six years after the Arab uprisings began, the status of women has not improved in most of the region. In Egypt, things are certainly lagging behind... Read the article on Aspenia online >>


Russia is relatively weak overall - its economy is under-reformed and is only a fraction of the American or the Chinese economies -, but since all political resources are concentrated in Putin’s skillful hands, he can make his country punch above its weight... >> Read the article on Aspenia online

Sangheon Lee, Malini Goyal, Andrea Goldstein, Walter Vergnano, Giulio Tremonti,

Turin, October 27-28, 2017

A report on "Digital disruption and transformation of Italian manufacturing", which focuses particularly on the case of Piedmont within the context of Northern Italy...Read more>>

Aspen Institute Italia Award

Italian Embassy in Washington

In keeping with its ongoing commitment towards cultivating an internationalized leadership and to fostering transatlantic relations, Aspen Institute Italia hereby invites entries for the third “Award for scientific research and collaboration between Italy and the United States”, to be adjudicated in 2018... Read more >>