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Aspen Institute Italia Seminars

In memory of Ennio Presutti *

2007 saw the inauguration in Italy of the Aspen Seminar on Values and Society, based on the widely-acclaimed Aspen Seminar program that has been a cornerstone of the Aspen Institute tradition in the United States since the early 1950s.

Over the past few years, the Institute has expanded the initiative, and there are currently three different Aspen Institute Italia Seminars offered:

In 2017, furthermore, the first Aspen Initiative for Europe Seminar was organized thanks to collaboration between Aspen Initiative for Europe, Aspen Institute Italia and Aspen Institute España. ”Europe: the Next Generation, Shared Values” was dedicated to young Europeans.

Each of these events is made up of around 25 highly-accomplished individuals from various parts of the country and the rest of the world. The participants in each seminar engage in debate on the great universal values and their relationship with the burning issues of today, based on an analysis and discussion of works by classical and contemporary writers.

The debate is significantly enriched by the diversity of the geographic, personal and professional backgrounds of the participants, which contributes towards cultivating an international leadership outlook and promoting discourse between different cultures, with the aim of identifying and building on shared ideas, knowledge and interests. In keeping with the Socratic method, discussion is guided along by two moderators, whose responsibility it is to ensure an effective dialogue and exchange of views and experiences.

In addition,The Aspen Institute Italia Great Conversationis organized using the same model as the seminars, however it is limited to a single debate session. 

For further information or to express interest in participating, please contact: (ph. +39 06 4546891)


* Co-Founder and former Vice Chairman (Treasurer) of Aspen Institute Italia; President, Friends of Aspen