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Aspen Community

Aspen Institute Italia is a community made up of Sustaining Members, Ordinary Members, Friends of Aspen, Aspen Junior Fellows and Aspen Junior Fellows Alumni, but also open to all those who wish to propose ideas that are coherent with the Institute's activities.

The Association's Governing Bodies are the Executive Committee, the General Council, the Chairman, the Vice Chairmen, the Secretary General and the Board of Auditors. The General Council is made up of an equal number of Ordinary and Sustaining Members and meets at least once a year. Among its duties, the General Council elects the Chairman, Vice Chairmen and Executive Committee members. The Executive Committee, made up of an equal number of representatives from among the Ordinary and Sustaining Members, is responsible for presenting the budget and the annual calendar of activities to the General Council for approval and for ensuring they are respected.

The Institute is an integral part of the Aspen international network which consists of other centers - independent but coordinated - in various parts of the world: Germany, France, Japan, India, Romania, Spain, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Ukraine and the United States, where the Institute was founded in 1950.

The Aspen Institutes worldwide are nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations that share a common mission and work principles. In a spirit of constant collaboration, they continually exchange information and participants.