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Institut Aspen France

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        203 rue Saint Honoré
        75001  Paris
        tel: +33 1 81 69 55 30


        Institut Aspen France was founded in 1983 as an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit cultural institution. It is a partner of The Aspen Institute and is located in Paris.

        The Institute’s mission is to offer national and international leaders the analysis and tools they need to better identify solutions to today’s complex problems. The leaders involved are from different cultural and professional backgrounds and the events promoted by the Institute are held in informal settings, which foster open discussion. Aspen France aims to help advance change and seize those opportunities offered by a world in continual evolution.

        Through multiple activities, seminars, international conferences and roundtable discussions, the Institute has contributed over the years to enriching the minds of international leaders. Albeit often indirectly, it has constructively influenced important issues in international debate.

        Aspen France gives special attention to international themes related to transatlantic relations, Europe-Africa relations, the French-German dialogue, the French-Chinese dialogue, the future of the Information Society and the complex problem of immigration. The Institute also dedicates a special program to the new political leadership.

        Insitut Aspen France and Aspen Institute Italia have collaborated for years, through seminars and conferences, analyzing scenarios and proposing suitable solutions in an effort to strengthen the Euro-Mediterranean area.

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