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China-Europe-US Trialogue

Aspen Institute Italia has always paid particular attention to the evolution of China, seeing the country as an important interlocutor for Europe and for Italy on the world’s economic stage.

The idea of setting up a “trialogue” between China, Europe and the United States emerged in late 2000, in the wake of a speech delivered by Giulio Tremonti, Aspen Italia’s president, to the Central Party School of the Chinese Communist Party.

This spawned an initiative based on the establishment of a three-year triangular forum involving the world’s most powerful economies – the United States, Europe and China – in an open and informal exchange of ideas devoted to global governance. High level participants from the three regions have gathered to compare experiences in areas of strategic importance both for international relations and for the relevant national economies.

The three encounters – in Beijing, in Venice and in Aspen – have been organized thanks to synergies between The Aspen US-Aspen Strategy Group, Aspen Institute Italia and the Central Party School of the Chinese Communist Party.