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The attractiveness of Italy’s economic model

    • Rome
    • 4 May 2005

          The roundtable discussion focused on the means and mechanisms to improve the attractiveness of the Italian economy. The roundtable participants voiced their disagreement with views that the country’s economic health is “in decline”, noting that such assessments are fueled by the presence within the country of areas with structural difficulties in adapting to international competition and the tendency towards making generalizations without taking into account territorial specificities and the existence of points of excellence. Customary views on the future of districts were also questioned, as they often focus more on the sustainability of the district model in traditional sectors than on the capacity of the Italian economic system to provide the impetus for clusters in traditional sectors. In order to urge policymakers to adopt more concerted and incisive efforts, the following proposals were discussed: greater protection of intellectual property, a policy aimed at attracting skills from abroad, an incentive for the informed assumption of business risk rather than the accumulation of capital assets, and localization incentive packages aimed at developing local areas rather than preserving established vested interests.

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