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The Aspen Institute Germany

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        Friedrichstraße 60
        10117 Berlin
        tel: +49 (0) 30 804 8900
        fax: +49 (0) 30 804 890 33

        The Aspen Institute Germany is the oldest Aspen Institute outside America. Founded in 1974, it has functioned since its inception as a unique point of reference for transatlantic relations, with an extraordinary network of contacts extending across cultural, political and entrepreneurial spheres on both sides of the Atlantic.

        The Aspen Institute Germany was very active during the years of the Cold War and those immediately following in keeping dialogue between the East and West alive. Since its establishment, the Institute has organized events on topics such as defense, foreign policy and transatlantic economic policy. Recent programs have included sessions on the International Criminal Court, US-EU trade relations and the Kyoto Protocol.

        It continues to be engaged in strategic issues for the 21st century including globalization, technological evolution, security, emerging leadership and relations with the Arab world and its culture.

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