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Aspen European Dialogue

This event focuses intensely on the evolution of balances in Europe and on the economic and political challenges that lie ahead. The AED project, first launched in 1994, comprises a cycle of meetings in various Italian and European cities with the aim of developing proposals for Europe’s political future. The institute aims to enlarge and strengthen the economic union, in search of a common understanding of such strategic terms as federalism, the single currency, market flexibility and exchange rate stability. In parallel with these themes, these meetings also focus on social aspects, on opportunities offered by technological innovation, and on the ways and means of tackling structural unemployment and reforming the Welfare State. The AED has invariably hosted representatives of the European institutions and of the individual member governments, together with experts in various fields, including businesspeople, who have engaged in lively and extremely constructive debates. Exponents of the world of politics, the economy and academia have also participated, from the United States, the Middle East and other geographic areas of strategic importance for the European debate.