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The Cold Peace

    • Ricerca
    • Research
    • 18 June 2021
    • Aspenia 91-92
    • June 2021
    • 18 June 2021

    “The Cold Peace” is a power struggle between the United States and China. As Xi Jinping’s ambitions grow and as Joe Biden presses ahead with his domestic agenda, a sort of extreme competition is emerging, leading to a partial decoupling between the giants. Neither country can truly distance itself from the other – globalization and interdependence keep ties strong – but each needs to press for advantage in every conceivable way. As new technologies are particularly key to both economies, a sort of battle is emerging between techno-authoritarianism and techno-democracy. Europe and the developing world are caught up in this battle too, especially in areas where cooperation is crucial, such as with climate policy. This issue opens with a conversation with Italy’s Minister for Ecological Transition and goes on to analyze developments throughout Europe and the US. It appears clear that the cold peace must not preclude “common but differentiated responsibilities” when it comes to the planet’s shared resources.