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China’s crossroads, Russia’s roulette

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    • 30 December 2022
    • Aspenia 97-98
    • December 2022
    • 30 December 2022

    Aspenia 97-98 focuses on China and on Russia. Articles by experts from around the world analyze Xi Jinping’s historic third mandate and Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine, as well global issues arising from the covid pandemic and from difficulties relative to energy dependence, distribution and security. As ever, the journal offers a broad historical and cultural perspective – see articles by Sergio Romano and Marina Valensise, for example – as well as in-depth analysis of current affairs. Authors such as Thomas Duesterberg, Andrea and Mauro Gilli, Heriberto Araujo, Carlo Jean, Marcin Kaczmarski, Andrey Kortunov, Charles Kupchan, Giacomo Luciani, John Hulsman, Chicco Testa and more illustrate the impact of recent geopolitical developments on military strategy and foreign policy in various areas of the world.