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Proposals for the future from Aspen Institute Italia Junior Fellows

    • Meeting in digital format
    • 28 April 2020

          The economic, social and geopolitical impact of Covid-19 presents challenges that, as they are confronted, will have significant, long-term consequences for the country’s future. In Italy, one of the nations most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, preexisting economic structural weaknesses make an effective response to the emergency not only strategic but especially difficult.

          The complex scenario is indeed cause for concern, but also offers a range of opportunities for revision and renewal. A rediscovered spirit of national unity and the extraordinary efforts of many public and private actors in confronting the emergency are encouraging signs. Spurred by these reflections, the Junior Fellows of Aspen Institute Italia decided to meet in order to some concrete proposals that could contribute to a more prosperous, inclusive, sustainable and resilient future.

          Their results covered a broad spectrum of concerns associated with the challenges and opportunities the country is now facing. The themes that emerged included reconstruction financing, government and public administration reform and environmental, educational and cultural management. Despite its broad-based focus, proposals were divided along two timelines. Over the short-term, as the country grapples with immediate crisis management, themes included mobility, mental health, boosting security and support for the start-up ecosystem.

          Long-term considerations included how science can be helpful to policy-makers, opportunities for simplifying legislation and bureaucracy, the digitalization of the national health system and the continued development and implementation of e-learning experiences.

          Finally, interesting discussions developed around the themes such as the link between science and politics, bureaucracy form and the need to consider the challenges facing Italy within the wider European framework.