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Aspen Junior Fellows Alumni

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        The Aspen Junior Fellows Alumni initiative was designed to lend substance to the community of members who played a particularly active role dring their years in the Aspen Junior Fellows program, subscribing both to its spirit and its goals.

        The Aspen Junior Fellows Alumni network currently includes approximately 140 members in Italy and abroad from such different professional fields as business, academia, research, the civil service, politics, communications, the arts, and culture. The AJF Alumni President is Lucio Stanca.

        Aspen Junior Fellows Alumni can attend a limited number of the Institute’s events, and they are invited to the Aspen Seminars on Values and Society, inspired by the traditional and much-acclaimed central program of the Aspen Institute in the United States.

        Membership is accorded on the basis of an invitation from the Institute and ceases when a member reaches the age of 45.

        Alessandro Schiesaro, Rino Fisichella, Lucio Stanca
        Luca Piscitelli, Angelo Maria Petroni, Carlo Papa, Marco Palermo
        Filippo Del Corno, Mattia Cavanna, Giuseppe Cattaneo