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Virginia Orsi, Raffaele Mauro e Enrico Mattiazzi

Aspen Junior Fellows, Milan, November 20-21, 2015

The focus of the 14th annual Conference for the Aspen Junior Fellows was the profound transformation undergone by the concept of labor due to major advances in technology, which are changing the way labor... Read more >>

Washington, D.C. (Glowimages Inc.)

Washington, D.C.

As the first moments of shock subside after the terrorist attack that struck Paris on November 13th, the attention of politicians and commentators in Europe and the Unites States turns to the question of what’s next... Read more from Aspenia online >>

Paris, France (AGF)

Paris, France

American reactions to Friday’s night terrorist attack in Paris began pouring in while the violence was still ongoing. They have not stopped since and won’t for a while as what happened in the French capital is certain... Read more from Aspenia online >>

The value of art: on culture and markets, Milan, October 27, 2015

Presentation of Aspenia 70, Milan, October 27, 2015

Kick-starting the panel discussion at the launch of the latest issue of the Institute’s Aspenia journal was the recognition that Milan was, is, and will continue to be Italy’s creative thinking capital. It was suggested that... Read more >>