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Spatiotemporal spread of the 2014 outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Liberia and the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical intervention: a computational modelling analysis. This is the title of the project declared winner of the first edition (2016) of the Aspen Institute Italia Award for scientific research and collaboration between Italy and the United States...Read more >>

Giulio Tremonti, Giovanni Puglisi and Marta Dassù

Palermo, March 18-19, 2016

The large trade and financial flows across the Mediterranean region and the Middle East are major opportunities for economic recovery... Read more >>

Claudio De Vincenti

Presentation of Aspenia 72, Rome, March 17, 2016

Low oil prices, a steep rise in investments in renewables, the Paris climate accord and significant emissions reductions: the world energy scenario, particularly in the Mediterranean region, is entering a new era... Read more >>

Daniel Ingold/Cultura Images/RF/AGF

In 3Q15 exports of the industrial districts recorded a new increase. It is the 23rd consecutive quarter of growth. Overall, in 9M15 the districtsʹ exports grew by 4.3%, around one percent more than the areas... Read more >>


US President Barack Obama

In a recent interview with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, President Obama accused America's European allies of being "free riders." He went on to say "I had more faith in the Europeans, given Libya’s proximity, being invested in the follow-up"... Read the article on Aspenia online >>