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National Interest

The main focus of the "National Interest" initiative is to showcase Italian identity, culture and language, as well as Italian success stories. While aware of the limitations and weaknesses that beset the country, through this initiative the Institute aims to highlight Italy’s (many) strengths, which are all-too-often the “forgotten side” of Italy, little-known abroad and at times not sufficiently appreciated at home. Read more ››


It's no longer just about aid hand-outs: the non-profit sector can now also operate initiatives on financially sustainable lines, thanks to the ability to provide...

30/11/2016 - conducted for Aspen Institute Italia with the contribution of Shell Italia, in cooperation with Bocconi University, and with the support of Confindustria Energia and Assomineraria

The aim of this study is to examine the country’s energy potential by investigating the role of fossil fuels in the development of the sector, and, more generally, of...

"District Monitor", thirtieth edition. Conducted by the Intesa Sanpaolo Research Department for Aspen Institute Italia.
30/11/2017 - Facts and the future
Christmas Press Review December 22 - January 11

Economy – The Italian economy featured heavily in the foreign press this week, with the Financial Times explaining how the country’s...


The European Space Agency (ESA) took no part in the “space race” which culminated in the manned Moon landing during the Cold War. Yet, thanks also to substantial...