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The weakness of power

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    • 22 May 2024
    • Aspenia 1/2024
    • May 2024
    • 22 May 2024
    The first issue of Aspenia international for the year 2024 focuses on artificial intelligence and on the global balance of power. The AI revolution is the fastest to date, and its impact on all our lives is enormous. Large language models have succeeded today where past technological developments have not, and consumers – people everywhere, in all areas of human activity – have begun taking advantage. ChatGPT has caught on incredibly quickly, but it has also inspired the sort of nightmares previously only seen in science fiction. The speed of such change and the many mysteries that surround the various new tools have led to widespread fear and to a degree of pushback, even from the technological giants leading the charge. This issue of Aspenia provides insight into the people and practices of a sector that is crucial to our future, no matter where we live or what we do.
    Another series of articles debates more traditional geopolitical issues, as the world’s economies grapple over their relative positions of power. The draw of Western values seems to be fading and strongmen are flourishing all over the world, leading analysts to consider the future roles of the United States, Europe and China, especially in this election year. The security question, then, brings these topics together, as powerful countries but also powerful tech companies are charged with keeping the peace.