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      • Bresso
      • 23 October 2023

        Future by Quality. The value of data analytics and artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector

        Discussion at this event focused on the prospects, potential, state of the art and challenges associated with the extensive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector. The growing amount of data available to the medical sector, along with the emergence of new AI systems, is making it possible to mine those data for elements capable of improving healthcare as well as accelerating research and development in the sector itself.

      • Venice
      • 7 October 2023

        Silver Society 2.0

        Progress in the field of medicine and improvements in the quality of life are making for longer life-expectancies; according to UN estimates, by the end of 2050, over-65ers will have surpassed under-25ers in number. This concerns Europe in particular and especially Italy, but also involves other countries such as China, which at the start of 2023 saw its birthrate drop for the first time since the 1960s and where the median age by 2050 will be 51 (higher than Italy’s is now). 

      • Meeting in digital format
      • 17 November 2021

        The rise of the silver economy

          Population ageing is a global trend affecting all the world’s foremost economies. The phenomenon is have an especially significant impact on China and Europe and seems destined, along with the climate crisis, to be among the main generators of change in twenty-first century societies. Governments, citizens and the business community thus find themselves facing a range of challenges as well as a host of opportunities.

        • Meeting in digital format
        • 30 June 2021

          Territoriality and Health Policy

            The pandemic has highlighted the fragility and disparities of a National Health Service already hard put to confront the combination of an ageing population and the growing incidence of chronic pathologies. As a result, the political agenda is now focused on striking a new balance between macro assistance levels (moreover, previously indicated in “fiscal federalism” reforms) and the proportioning of related standard costs.

          • Meeting in digital format
          • 25 March 2021

            New synergies in healthcare supply: challenges for the “last mile”

              The Covid pandemic has spotlighted not only how essential a good healthcare system is, but also the key importance of the last mile, understood as a relationship of proximity to the patients. Getting to the citizen effectively is still an issue to be dealt with, both in treating the virus and in the vaccination campaign. The work already being done and yet to be done in order to deal with the problems arising during the current emergency period will serve as the basis for redrawing the healthcare system of the future.

            • Meeting in digital format
            • 17 November 2020

              Research and innovation for life sciences in Italy

                The daily effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on every individual and organization are clearly foregrounding how wealth and health go hand in hand. The quest for health – the focus of the political agenda and objectives of every government – will influence every government’s process of reconstruction for months to come.

              • Meeting in digital format
              • 4 November 2020

                Science, politics, society: different speeds, common challenges

                  The relationship between politics, science and society is playing an increasingly prominent role in rising to the challenges of modernity. A strong alliance of political institutions, scientists, experts and citizens is essential to defeating the global pandemic, but also an essential prerequisite for the success of policies aimed at inverting the advance of climate change and introducing new technologies and new solutions for boosting the quality of life, prosperity and wealth of modern societies.

                • Meeting in digital format
                • 28 September 2020

                  Future by quality: life sciences and research in Italy

                    Science and technology parks are an essential part of the innovation ecosystem. Their ability to link a variety of experiences and disciplines, thereby creating networks of research centers, spin-offs, start-ups, incubators, business angels and venture capitalists makes them a major factor in the country’s competitiveness, in addition to offering nation-wide opportunities. This important contribution is even more fundamental in the field of life sciences, where development timelines are very long and risks quite high.

                  • Meeting in digital format
                  • 15 June 2020

                    Never waste a crisis: what lessons to draw for the Italian health system?

                      The emergency that erupted in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has some important lessons to offer the Italian healthcare system. Although it is clearly difficult to compare the healthcare models of regions affected asymmetrically by the virus, it is undeniable that coordination at various levels has proven to be one of the system’s weak points. The situation has generated confusion along the chain of control and implementation of measures, and immediate intervention regarding operational aspects – even before institutional prerogatives – is imperative.