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Manufacturing and society: new technologies, manufacturing and work

Aspen Institute Italia launched a program in 2013 devoted to the future of the manufacturing industry and devised specifically for the world of business.

After a phase in which financial activities acquired growing importance in the economy – with an undeniable impact on the real economy – governments have now redirected their policies towards imparting a fresh boost to infrastructures and thus to the manufacturing industry. This has prompted Aspen Institute Italia to build its program on three basic pillars: investments; technological innovation and its implications for the labor market; and society.

These issues are, of course, explored and developed within the broader international context.

In keeping with its mission, the Institute is determined to play an active role in the debate and in the dissemination of concrete ideas regarding these issues, building opportunities for greater in-depth exploration.

Exponents of the political and business worlds meet with international experts in the field, in order to make the most of a comparison between the experiences and policies adopted in different countries.