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In search of a new and improved city. The creative city: arts, culture and the economy. Producing objects and creating symbols

Venice, 22/10/2004. The project "In search of a new and improved city" foresees a series of conferences in Italy's largest cities. The second meeting in this series was held in Venice and focussed on the different roles cities are called upon to play. In the transition from an industrial economy to a service-oriented one, the city must become increasingly creative. It must house the development and distribution of innovative ideas, symbols and images. Great success often derives from adding value to the city's material goods: developing abandoned areas and buildings, highlighting artwork, characteristic neighborhoods. And to do this diverse forces must work together, public and private. In the shift from an economy focused on producing "things" to one providing "entertainment", comes the importance of culture and tourism. Policies and resources must rise to the occasion and cities must be creative in developing the necessary economic structure.