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The Aspen Institute Italia Seminar "The Enlightenment and the Transatlantic link: Common Roots and Today's Challenges"

In memory of Ennio Presutti *

The appreciation for the Aspen Institute Italia Seminar on Values and Society expressed by many participants from over 30 different countries led to the decision by the Institute to augment its professional development offerings from 2009 with this additional seminar.

The Aspen Institute Italia Seminar "The Enlightenment and the Transatlantic Link: Common Roots and Today's Challenges" is aimed at making the most of the contribution of Enlightenment thinking in order to interpret and manage the complexity of the contemporary world. The purpose is to stimulate the kind of in-depth cultural analysis which gives rise to the emergence of universal values and ideals capable of inspiring a modern and informed approach to leadership. The seminar, conducted exclusively in English, takes the form of a Socratic discussion prompted and guided along by expert Aspen Institute moderators.

The seminar agenda is structured along the lines of the following topics, which encapsulate certain key values of the discourse advanced by Enlightenment thinking:

  • human nature
  • government and freedom
  • the free market
  • ethics and religion
  • peace

The authors of the readings that form the basis of the seminar discussions are chosen with great care and include both American and European writers, with the works of Italian philosophers and economists featuring prominently amongst the latter.

The debate is significantly enriched by the diversity of the geographic, personal and professional backgrounds of the 25 or so participants, which contributes towards cultivating an international outlook on entrepreneurial and cultural leadership and promoting discourse between different cultures, with the aim of identifying and building on shared ideas, knowledge and interests.

The seminar is a residential event held over two and a half days (from 10.30am on the Friday to 1.00 pm on Sunday).

Aspen Institute Italia advises that those expressing an interest in participating will not automatically be entitled to receive an invitation. The Institute reserves the right to approve any such requests based on available spaces.

For information or to express interest in participating in the seminar, please contact:

Francesco Leopardi Dittaiuti

Phone: +39 06 4546891


* Co-Founder and former Vice Chairman (Treasurer) of Aspen Institute Italia; President, Friends of Aspen