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Una bella “impresa”!

The core concept and objectives of the project

Over the past thirty years, the “epic” narrative of industry that characterized the post-World War II reconstruction years has waned in Europe, especially in Italy, and the virtuous relationship between life, work, and industry has broken down.

Being in industry is today often perceived negatively by the public at large, and especially by young people. It is crucial for the future of Italy and its economy to counter this frequently quite prevalent “anti-industrial” mindset, so as to replace it with a fresh new narrative on being in business, and in particular, on being in manufacturing, highlighting that industry brings benefits for all, not just entrepreneurs.

Aspen has therefore decided to launch Una bella “impresa”!, a multifaceted project with a number of different strands, incorporating: a scientific study component, as a natural extension the Institute’s role as a think tank; an educational element, aimed at passing on the wealth of experience of the Institute’s members; and lastly, communications and publicity activities geared to bringing the new narrative to wider public attention.


The project offers an avenue for further exploration of the subject, and in more concrete terms has launched the following series of activities and studies, which will become the focus of a dedicated website

  • Industry insiders speak: a series of interviews with Aspen members, but also their employees and partners, giving their perspectives on industry.
  • Scientific studies: investigating the scenarios and prospects facing Italian industry, with contributions from Fondazione Edison, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, and the Politecnico di Milano.
  • Italian industry - A visual history: the story of industry told through images and films sourced from the historical archives of some of Italy’s foremost firms.
  • Industry comes to school: young people are the natural target audience for a forward-looking message that calls for a cultural shift. For this reason, Aspen is organizing a series of events in secondary schools in which members of the Institute will recount their experiences as entrepreneurs and managers, and pass on their knowledge, drive, and passion to students, with the aim of encouraging them to take up careers in industry.

Organizing committee

The Organizing Committee of the project Una bella “impresa”! consists of the following members: Alberto Bombassei (Brembo), Antonio Calabrò (Pirelli), Gerhard Dambach (Robert Bosch), Sandro De Poli (GE Italy and Israel), Sergio Dompé (Dompé Farmaceutici), Marco Fortis (Fondazione Edison), Aldo Fumagalli (Candy Group), Aldo Fumagalli Romario (Sol), Federico Golla (Siemens), Matteo Marini (ABB), Fabio Pammolli (Politecnico di Milano), Maurizio Prete (Ferroli), Gianfelice Rocca (Techint), Alberto Quadrio Curzio (Accademia dei Lincei), Carlo Scognamiglio Pasini (Aspen), Giulio Tremonti (Aspen), and Elena Zambon (Zambon).