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Italian talent abroad

Pooling together some of the key experiences of Italians from around the world, contributing to building an increasingly global skills base, and enhancing Italy’s ability to come across convincingly as an international player: these are the challenges Aspen seeks to tackle head on through “Italian talent abroad”, a group comprised of influential representatives of the country abroad, as well as talented young Italians who are carving out brilliant careers for themselves overseas.

Established in late 2009, the group has a membership representing approximately 40 countries from all seven continents, and spanning a wide spectrum of sectors, including culture, finance, industry and the international institutional sphere. The group continues to expand progressively both in terms of the number of new participants and the breadth of activities carried out. In addition to being able to attend the Institute’s national and international events, members of the network are also afforded the opportunity of engaging in debate at conferences put on especially for them. These events provide an arena to discuss issues of common interest, such as possible synergies between those living and working overseas and Italian firms; measures to promote Italian language and culture abroad; and the necessary – albeit difficult – undertaking of turning brain drain to brain circulation.

A virtual community has also been established, which enables those who participate to keep the discussion alive by posting ideas, comments, studies and research on an “online forum”, thereby helping to generate content for consideration by the group.

Lastly, in order to delve further into the issues at the heart of the group’s raison d’être and to enable members to learn more about each other, this page includes a series of interviews with “Italian talent abroad”. The goal is to gather the perspectives and highlight the choices and motivations that have shaped the career paths of members of the group.