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The week of May 20 - 26

The week of May 20 - 26


Economy– Dominating the week’s economic news are Franco-Italian relations which, according to an opinion piece in Les Echos, “have regained excellent health,” with trading reaching record levels of € 92 billion in 2021 (May 24 - Opinion | Le commerce franco-italien retrouve une santé de fer). In these relations, the Franco-Italian group Stellantis is aiming to take the new Lancia models back across the Alps, starting in 2024 (Les Echos, May 20 - Lancia va revenir sur le marché français à partir de 2024). 

Meanwhile, the press agencies explain the € 1.5 billion plan promoted by Italy to incentivize farmers to generate renewables (Bloomberg, May 23 - Italy Wants EU to Let Farmers Become Energy Exporters; Xinhua, May 25 - Italy introduces domestic renewable energy to EU's common agricultural policy plan).

Culture, tourism, lifestyle – In cultural reporting, El País interviews Paolo di Paolo, “the man who photographed Italy,” on the occasion of the presentation of a documentary on the 90-year-old photographer who was a key figure in the Dolce Vita (May 23 - Paolo di Paolo, el hombre que fotografió Italia y decidió desaparecer: “La ‘dolce vita’ nunca existió”). Meanwhile, The New York Times covers the “public art” campaign and installations that Palermo has staged to mark the 30th anniversary of the murder of Giovanni Falcone, in order to emphasize that culture can combat the influence of organized crime (May 25 - In a Former Mafia Stronghold, Art Remembers, and Warns).

The United States daily also devotes coverage to Leonardo da Vinci’s work with a review of Eden Collinsworth’s What the Ermine Saw, dedicated to Leonardo’s “most mysterious portrait,” Lady with an Ermine (May 23 - Over Half a Millennium, Cecilia Gallerani Saw it All).

Culture and tourism come together in The Wall Street Journal in an article that, among the 9 destinations to visit this summer, recommends Ferrara, Marettimo, and Gran Sasso National Park (May 25 - 9 Under-the-Radar Vacation Spots in Europe).

In cinema, Le Monde reviews Valeria Bruni Tedeschi’s latest film Forever Young, which has been selected for competition at Cannes (May 22 - Cannes 2022 : Valeria Bruni Tedeschi et les années Amandiers, époque bénie du théâtre), while La Presse recounts the actress Claudia Cardinale’s return to Tunis, where she was born (May 25 - Arrivée de l'actrice tuniso-italienne Claudia Cardinale en Tunisie).

Music is also making the news, as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung interviews Zucchero on the occasion of his new album (May 24 - „Da ist vieles aus glücklicher Fügung entstanden“*).

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