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The week of March 5 – 11

The week of March 5 – 11


Economy – Extraordinary deals take centre stage in the articles dedicated to Italy by the foreign press. The focus is on the “expansion in luxury” of Exor, the Agnelli family’s holding company that has acquired 24% of the French luxury shoemaker Louboutin with the aim of exploiting the brand’s “growth potential in China” (March 8 in Bloomberg - Italy’s Agnelli Family Expands in Luxury With 24% Stake in Louboutin; Les Echos - Les semelles rouges de Louboutin, nouveau pari de la famille Agnelli; The Wall Street Journal - Christian Louboutin Sells 24% Stake to Italy’s Agnelli Family). Foreign outlets continue to cover Leonardo which, after the listing of its American subsidiary DRS, is preparing to hit the “acquisition trail,” eying “European Consolidation” as chief executive Alessandro Profumo explains to Financial Times (March 8 - Leonardo prepares to hit acquisition trail). Moreover, as Reuters emphasizes, despite the difficulties in the aviation sector, the defence group is expecting increased profits (March 9 - Italy's Leonardo expects core profit rise despite aviation struggle). The press agency also devotes coverage to the soaring value of Isagro, its share doubling on the market after the US group Gowan gained control (March 8 - Isagro shares soar after Gowan announces tender offer)

Italian industry’s efforts in energy transition are also covered, with Prysmian to “boost investments” in its industrial cables by wagering € 100 million on the challenge to become “carbon neutral” by 2040 (Reuters, March 10 - Italy's Prysmian plans to boost investments to hit carbon neutrality targets), and with the deal inked by Snam in liquefied natural gas natural in order “to provide alternative fuel for transport and industry” (Reuters, March 10 - Italy's Snam inks deal to develop LNG plants for transport, industry).

Culture and tourism – In culture, Le Monde covers cinema with a review of the series We Are Who We Are, with director Luca Guadagnino “returning to the terrain of adolescence” (March 6 - Avec « We Are Who We Are », Luca Guadagnino revient sur le territoire de l’adolescence).

Italy’s Ancient Roman history is the focus of other articles: Financial Times celebrates the reopening for visitors of the Mausoleum of Augustus (March 4 - In Rome, a 2,000-year-old emperor’s tomb finally reopens) while, after recent archaeological discoveries, The New York Times is once again reporting on Pompeii, emphasizing how the eruption of Vesuvius that overwhelmed the city contributed to major changes in the Roman Empire (March 6 - How a Disaster Relief Program Changed the Roman Empire for the Better). Another volcano, albeit inactive, is prominently featured in a travel report in El País, which follows the actor Cosimo Fusco to the crater of Mount Vulture, from Roma to Policoro, passing through the area of Aglianico wine (March 5 - En el cráter del monte Vulture).

Sport and Lifestyle – Sport and lifestyle go hand in hand in the reports dedicated to Luna Rossa in its challenge against Team New Zealand in the America’s Cup. (The Washington Post, March 9 -‘Fantastico’: Spithill, Bruni steer Italy into Cup match). The Italian team “bared its teeth” during the initial phases of the competition, “quickly” disproving leaked comments foretelling “an easy and triumphant stroll to the trophy” for the New Zealanders (El Mundo, March 10 - Luna Rossa enseña los dientes al temible Team New Zealand en la Copa América). On the other hand, the Spanish daily Expansión tells the story of Italy’s commitment to sailing, from Raul Gardini’s Il Moro to the present day (March 11 - ITALIA Y EL ESPÍRITU DE GARDINI, 'EL LEÓN DE VENECIA').

Prada, which has joined Pirelli in its support for Luna Rossa, is also making the news with its collections: the Miu Miu line was presented in Cortina with a “warm and luxurious” offering for the fall and winter 2021/2022 (El Mundo, March 9 - Miu Miu viste el sueño de una tarde-noche de invierno en las montañas). 

Food – In food, Financial Times tells the success story of Alessandro Savelli who, with the sale of a majority stake, capitalized his fresh pasta business in the United Kingdom, where “he has created 80 new jobs” in one year (10 March - My First Million: Alessandro Savelli, founder, Pasta Evangelists), while Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung offers its readers the recipe for a “perfect” Bolognese sauce (7 March - Das ist die perfekte Bolognese).

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