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The week of June 18 – 24

The week of June 18 – 24


Economy –The recovery and the economic prospects of Italy and its businesses are the focus of the articles in the international press. Bloomberg emphasizes that the economy’s growth might be “well above 5% this year” (June 17 – Italy Said to See Economy Growing Well Above 5% This Year*), while Financial Times publishes an editorial by Lorenzo Codogno, former Director-General of the Italian Treasury and professor at the London School of Economics, on the prospects for the recovery in Europe (June 18 - Europe’s economic recovery effort should be smarter, not bigger*).

Dailies and agencies also cover corporate stories, like that of Illimity, the bank led by Corrado Passera that has just signed a “strategic partnership” with the ION technology group, and aims to double its profits in 2023 (Reuters, June 22 - Italy's Illimity strikes deal with ION, says to double net profit in 2023) – an ambitious plan, explains Financial Times in its Lex opinion column, that opens new opportunities for a loan renaissance in Italy (June 22 - Illimity: new Italian bank promises loan renaissance). Also in the financial sector, Boersen Zeitung covers Generali’s expansion in Malaysia (June 22 - Generali greift in Malaysia zu*), while Die Zeit profiles Daniela Cavallo, the executive of Italian origins who has come to lead Volkswagen’s supervisory board (June 23 - "Ich bin eigentlich ziemlich bescheiden").

Fashion – Another sector that is bouncing back is fashion, as it celebrates a “new beginning” in Milan (El País, June 22 - Milán, junio, 2021: un nuevo comienzo para la moda de hombre) with a hybrid, virtual/in-person Fashion Week (The Guardian, June 21 - Armani’s menswear confirms in-person future of Milan fashion week) against a “backdrop of optimism” (Les Echos, June 22 - Fashion Week Homme de Milan : une reprise en douceur*) offering “signs of a Renaissance” (The New York Times, June 23 - Milan Men’s Wear Shows Signs of a Renaissance*). And while die Welt covers Ferrari’s entry into prêt-à-porter (June 20 - Ferrari zieht von der Fahrbahn auf den Laufsteg), Bloomberg also covers the financial operations in the luxury sector with brands like Prada and Zegna investing in Italian cashmere production in order to “secure supply” (June 22 - Prada, Zegna Invest in Italian Cashmere Maker to Secure Supply*).

Culture and tourism – Numerous stories cover culture and cultural tourism. The Wall Street Journal reports on the exhibition that New York’s Metropolitan Museum has dedicated to the Medici and to Florence’s sixteenth-century artistic production (June 18 - Art, Power and Glory in Florence*), while Financial Times adds a new chapter to the FT Globetrotter guide dedicated to Rome, with tips from Lucia Silvestri, creative director of Bulgari, who recommends the best activities – from cappuccino to an aperitif, from downtown streets to Baroque churches – for a day spent in the Eternal City (June 23 - Tips from the top: Bulgari creative director Lucia Silvestri’s favourite places in Rome*). Cinema is also covered, with the success of Luca, a “charming sea-monster story” that Pixar has set on the Ligurian coast (The New York Times, June 17 - ‘Luca’ Review: Calamari by Your Name*).

Sports – In sports, the German press celebrates an “undefeated” Italy making it through to the knockout round at the European Football Championship (June 20 in die Zeit - Cin Cin! and Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Italien bleibt makellos), while El País covers the history of Italian football, recalling Totò Schillaci and the champions made famous in World Cup and European play (June 21 - Totò Schillaci y el peligro del amor de verano). Lastly, The Guardian remembers the life of Giampiero Boniperti, the “outstanding” footballer and “golden boy” at Juventus in the 1950s, who later became the club’s president (June 20 - Giampiero Boniperti obituary).

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