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The week of April 29 – May 12

The week of April 29 – May 12


Economy – Economy takes centre stage with an interview with the new executive chairman of Brembo, Matteo Tiraboschi, who will be taking the company forward “between continuity and innovation” (Boersen Zeitung, May 11 - Neuer Brembo-Chef setzt auf Kontinuität und Innovationen*), and with news of the investment by the Italian brand Calzedonia in Tunisia, where two new industrial units will be developed (La Presse, May 5 - L'Entreprise italienne Calzedonia installera deux unités industrielles à Zriba et Sahline).

Coverage is also devoted to energy with the agreement between Snam and Enagas for the study of a Spain-Italy gas pipeline (Reuters, May 12 - Snam signs deal with Enagas to study Spain-Italy gas pipeline).

Meanwhile, style and the automotive sector are the focus of the articles dedicated to the new models of the Italian Stellantis brands: Alfa Romeo is presenting the new hybrid version of its Tonale SUV (L'Economiste, May 10 - Le SUV Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid arrive bientôt sur les marchés), while, by 2028, Lancia will be debuting on the market “three new models inspired by Italian elegance” (L'Orient le Jour, May 9 - Lancia mise sur « l’élégance italienne »).

Culture – The Venice/culture pairing is still attracting the interest of the international dailies. The New York Times continues its reporting on the Biennale, looking back on the work of 213 artists, an “unprecedented percentage” of whom are women (April 30 - Looking Inward, and Back, at a Biennale for the History Books*). Staying in Venice, the newspaper then recounts the restoration projects involving three synagogues in the Ghetto, with the aim of preserving the history of the neighbourhood and of the Jewish Diaspora (May 4 - Reviving the Renaissance Temples of Venice’s Jewish Ghetto*).

Meanwhile, The Guardian interviews Tiziana D’Angelo, director of the Paestum archaeological site and “one of the few women in such a senior role” (May 8 - ‘I wept with joy’: young director made guardian of Italy’s temples of Paestum); the British daily also covers the discovery of two iron-age torsos in the Sardinian necropolis of Mont’e Prama (May 8 - Iron-age boxer statues’ torsos discovered in Sardinian necropolis). And while Les Echos interviews Cristina Comencini, providing an in-depth portrait of the Italian author, screenwriter, and filmmaker (May 6 - Cristina Comencini : « La notion de comédie en Italie n'a pas le même sens qu'en France »), Le Matin explains that Italian cinema will be guest of honour at the Rabat Festival (May 6 - Festival Il Nuovo Cinema Italiano Di Rai Cinema : coup d'envoi le 12 mai à Rabat).

El País also devotes coverage to Luigi Ghirri, the “guru of Italian photography” whom the Reggio Emilia’s Fotografia Europea Festival is celebrating on the 30th anniversary of his death (May 5 - Un paseo por el parque temático italiano de Luigi Ghirri*), while Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reviews The Hero’s Path, the book by Tim Parks paying homage to the journey from Rome to Ravenna undertaken by Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1849 (May 3 - 650 Kilometer in 29 Tagen).

Lastly, the focus is on music with a rundown of the songs competing at Eurovision 2022, which is being held in Turin this year (El País, May 9 - “Hermosa”, “un espanto”: análisis de las 40 canciones de Eurovisión 2022; Eurovisión 2022: cuándo son las semifinales, países participantes y orden de actuación)

Tourism and lifestyle – Lifestyle, luxury, and tourism take centre stage with Pucci’s return to Capri as The New York Times visits the island during the three days of “parties and yoga” organized by the fashion house’s new artistic director, Camille Miceli (May 2 - Pucci Returns to Capri*). Meanwhile, Gucci is coming to Puglia with a show in Castel del Monte, as Dolce&Gabbana, for its Alta Moda tour, will be visiting various Italian cities (Financial Times, May 5 - Fashion’s lavish destination shows are back — but not as before). And also in Puglia, where “pastry is king,” The Washington Post recommends the best places to enjoy pasticciotto, “the pride of Puglia” (April 29 - In southeast Italy, this pastry is king*). Lastly, the American daily offers a recommendation for hikers with a visit to the Dolomite mountains starting from the famous “three peaks” – the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (April 29 - In Italy’s Dolomite mountains, a peak experience for hikers*).

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